Luxury & Lifestyle Trends for 2019

Consumer habits are changing, and experts found that people are more interested in
experiences than brands or products. People are searching for things that are exclusive,
memorable and unique to complement their lifestyles. Whether it’s a product or a
service, something to make your life easier or just to make it more enjoyable, here’s a
look at some exciting trends for you to indulge in this year.

Year of the electric car

cars parked in front of company building

Photo by Craig Adderley on

It’s predicted that every major car maker will have an electric car on the market, in
showrooms ​or in production by 2020. Tesla is expected to release its highly-anticipated
base Model 3 this year, ​and two new cars in 2020. ​Even luxury car makers like Porsche,
Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz are joining the electric revolution. The 2020
Mercedes-Benz EQC crossover marks the beginning of the Mercedes-EQ sub-brand of
vehicles with an electric ecosystem and is being touted as the most important vehicle
from the company in decades. Meanwhile, there’s an air of exclusivity about the 2020
Aston Martin Rapide E. Developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering,
each car will be fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres developed specifically for the Rapide E.
Not to mention only 155 sedans will be manufactured.

Antarctic adventure



A Scenic Eclipse Cruise Ship. Photo courtesy of Scenic Canada.

If you’re searching for an unconventional vacation experience this year look no further
than an adventure cruise on board the Scenic Eclipse. On the world’s first discovery
yacht you’ll experience the wonders of the Antarctic up close. With voyages limited to
200 guests, you’ll enjoy an exclusive cruise which includes helicopter rides, submarine
expeditions as well as specialist-lead Kayak excursions. The cruise is as lavish as it is
adventurous with each passenger having a premium verandah suite, with upgrade
options that include spa suites and private butler service.



Work smarter, not harder


The KettlebellConnect by JAXKOX.  Photo courtesy of JAXJOX.

Incorporating technology into your workout is the perfect way to combine brains and
brawn, and there are plenty of smart devices to help you reach your fitness goals from
FitBits to self-tying shoes. The innovative features of JAXJOX’s KettlebellConnect
makes working out more efficient. For starters, it has 6-cylinder weights inside it which
can be adjusted to weigh between 12 and 42 pounds. Motion sensors enable it to
accurately track movements, count reps and automatically sync data with the
corresponding app. Plus it can create profiles for up to nine users and if you subscribe
to JAXJOX’s subscription service you gain access to live fitness classes. If boxing is
more your style, FightCamp’s smart fitness system is designed so you can box at home.
The kit includes gloves, a punching bag, hand wraps and an exercise mat and signing
up for FightCamp’s subscription gives users workouts via the iOS app. The app can be
used to track your “punch count” and keep track of your breaks.
So whether you’re shedding winter weight or getting beach-ready, these tools will help
you get the best workout.



Brilliant watches

Watches from Ulysse Nardin’s FREAK collection are coveted for their beauty
and the innovative materials used to make them, the Skeleton X is no
exception. An aeronautical-grade forged carbon called Carbonium is used to
make the watches, the same material used to build aircraft. And because it’s 95% sourced from carbon by-products, it’s eco-friendly. The skeleton dial forms an X with four of the indexes and is framed within a rectangle, showing off the watch’s intricate details. There are four case materials available for the Skeleton X, titanium with black DLC, rose gold, and an entirely new Carbonium GOLD. The Carbonium GOLD interweaves gold fibres which give it a wavy effect.



The RJ ARRAW 6919 in rose gold and titanium. Photo courtesy of WatchTime.


The materials used in the RJ ARRAW 6919 as equally impressive. To celebrate
the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Geneva-based company
included parts of the original spacecraft in the bezel of the watch. The material,
which was created from the lunar and command modules of the Apollo 11, is
fixed to the case by a metal grid. The grid is available in polished and
satin-brushed grade 5 titanium, ceramic and 5N+ red gold.