Aaron Charles: Agent Of Change

The original article was published in full by ByBlacks.com
For Aaron Charles building a brighter future is like building a home—you need to have a clear vision, a solid foundation, a good team around you and the rest is down to slowly progressing.

Aaron, who came to Canada from Trinidad with his father when he was six-years old, has dedicated his life to building a better future for himself, his family and his community through his work as a real estate agent and motivational speaker. Aaron firmly believes that everyone can be the architect of their own future with discipline, the right mindset and a strong sense of self. Aaron is well-respected in the real-estate business but it’s been a long a journey to get there.

How has getting into real estate empowered you?
I feel like my mentality going into it was very different than most people, the people I would talk to would say “I want to make money” or I want to do this or that but my ‘why’ was the sense of ownership and having ownership over my life, creating an identity for me, creating a path for my family and creating a path for my community to show that it’s possible to own real estate. I know there are people in communities where home ownership is the last thing on their list because they’re worried about survival, paying bills, keeping food on the table. I wanted to break that mind-set. So when I was able to acquire my first property it was the biggest accomplishment of my life because I was walking on the path I set out for myself. And it’s been a great feeling ever since. What drives me is knowing I can change my life and lives of those around me.

In addition to working to benefit your community and your family, what other things or people inspire you?
Just being able to live life on my own terms. I’ve put in the hours, worked long shifts, had a lot of different jobs but my mind-set was always to escape the 9-5 conventional job. I wanted a platform to stand up on and inspire other people. I read a quote when I was younger “helping other people reach their goals will ultimately help you get what you want.” If I come across a new skill I want to share it because I like to see people come up together. These things trickle down to the kids and the positive energy spreads, they’re going to grow up thinking real estate and having those conversations and then they’ll pass that down. I work for a brokerage called “Dream Maker Realty”, that’s what we preach and that’s our mission; building generational wealth. We want to break the cycle we’re currently in because we can be financially literate and financially strong we just have to want it and we have to see it.

Why is giving back to people in the community something that’s important to you?
Giving back to the community is important to me because I am who I am because people have given to me; they’ve given me their time, ideas—big and small–, community support, the confidence I need to go out there and do this on my own so it’s only fitting I do the same thing. And I don’t want to just help one person, I want to help as many as I can. And since I’ve been helping others I’ve met interesting people, I’ve gotten referrals for business so the process really works. It’s part of the way I was raised, I come from a big family and sharing was a part of our routine, it doesn’t change. My business skills are the same as my life skills. I want to be the one to push the young members of the community to add real estate as an additional avenue to whatever they’re trying to do. Whatever you’re doing in life, keep doing it if you’re passionate about it but add a little real estate because it’ll allow you to leverage your business as collateral. It’s all about building your life and your business.

You can visit Aaron on his website and check out episodes of “Flipping Ridiculous” on Aaron’s YouTube channel.

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